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The Day Of Russian-Chinese friendship In Ulyanovsk State Technical University

The Day Of Russian-Chinese friendship In Ulyanovsk State Technical University
August 25, 2017 in Ulyanovsk State Technical University hosted the "The Day of Russian-Chinese Friendship", in which the collective of the Ulyanovsk regional public organization "Federation of sports and traditional wushu" took part. In the demonstration program, our athletes demonstrated Shaolinquan technique in single and group complexes (Taolu) with traditional weapons and without weapons, And the students of the Guilin University of Technology demonstrated the technique of Taijiquan.
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At the event, diplomas were awarded to students of the International Summer Schools of the Ural State Technical University - Robotics and Data Analysis and Geology and Paleontology of the Volga Region. The Ulyanovsk regional public organization «Federation of Sports and Traditional Wushu» expresses its gratitude to: Mrs. Wu Lihua (teacher of the Chinese language), Dr. Pavel Pazushkin (Head of the International and Innovation Activity Department of the UlSTU) and other organizers of the evening, as well as to all athlets and students who took part in the demonstration program.

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