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Traineeship in the Shaolin monastery and participate in the 10th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival

From 11 to 18 October, the national team of the Ulyanovsk region in the run-up to the Championship 10 - Shaolin Wushu Festival, has undergone training in the monastery "Shaolin" (Henan Dengfeng city). The internship was based on several directions.

First - this is the work above the competitive program and correction of errors under the guidance of masters of the monastery "Shaolin". During extra classes guys to were studied the new Taolu and methods of the doubles battle (the technician capture). In the program training was entered and soft qigong. The members of the team - specializing in the internal styles were studied Taijiquan (Chen style).

The second direction - a cultural program is inextricably linked to the understanding of openness a Shaolin school, her friendliness and versatility of teaching to be a little better.

The children visited a number of historic sites associated with the national tradition of China. It is, first of all - Guanyin Temple (Luoyang). Where the boys examined the unique park of lotuses and itself the temple complex.

Members of the team visited a village of artists at the monastery "Shaolin", where they could touch the ancient traditional art - calligraphy, communicating with the teachers, could try your hand not only in the joint study of the Shaolin martial arts, but also made the first steps in calligraphy.

The result of hard training was to obtaining a certificate of completion how a fact finished the internship, as well as the opportunity to communicate with the great masters of the monastery "Shaolin" quietly, slowly, in the regular life of the monastery.. The result of the internship was the reception at the abbot "Shaolin" as a sign of recognition and respect for those who are just starting to study up the great art - Shaolin Wushu

From 18 to 23 October the guys took a part in the competitive part of the 10th Championship - Shaolin Wushu Festival (Henan Zhengzhou). Results of the competition are not only numerous awards but communication with the guys from more than sixty countries.

After the competition, the children visited the State University Zhengzhou City. Where the results of dialogue with representatives of the University administration the guys will be able to continue their studies at the university. Before leaving China, the children visited in Beijing the temple complex named the "Temple of Heaven".

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